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One of our favourite recent labels offer up two EP’s from Cairo based musician Bosaina, a singer/songwriter/producer heavily involved in the city’s experimental art scene. Utilising field recordings, sombre tones and delicate piano work on first listen we can hear the influence of Leyland Kirby and the mysterious Montparnasse by Yoran. From short sketches to fully realised pieces, this collection of recordings left us hitting the repeat button again and again. Lots of love for Discrepant over here, we can’t wait to see what the guys bring out next.

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  1. 1 New York, June 29th 2013 4:24 Bosaina Buy
  2. 2 New York, May 30th 2013 0:55 Bosaina Buy
  3. 3 New York, April 26th 2013 3:45 Bosaina Buy
  4. 4 New York, July 8th 2013 0:39 Bosaina Buy
  5. 5 New York, June 3rd 2013 2:30 Bosaina Buy
  6. 6 New York, May 25th 2013 0:51 Bosaina Buy
  7. 7 Unexpected Warmth 4:50 Bosaina Buy
  8. 8 A Hundred Other Longings 3:00 Bosaina Buy
  9. 9 Abalone on the Grass 4:07 Bosaina Buy


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