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Daring new territory for the French multi-instrumentalist as she ditches the viol for a wide array of electronic gear. Across eight tracks she displays her musical dexterity and glides through a range of solo atmospheres, setting the tone for her upcoming shows at PhilaMOCA and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. If you’re a sucker for Moog sounds but want to hear them in a unique and versatile manner then be sure to give this one a look.

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  1. 1 November 7:30 Colleen Buy
  2. 2 Separating 2:08 Colleen Buy
  3. 3 Another World 5:15 Colleen Buy
  4. 4 Winter Dawn 5:58 Colleen Buy
  5. 5 Summer Night (Bat song) 5:14 Colleen Buy
  6. 6 The Stars vs Creatures 5:14 Colleen Buy
  7. 7 One Warm Spark 7:03 Colleen Buy
  8. 8 A Flame My Love, A Frequency 4:48 Colleen Buy


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