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Julian House returns to his Focus Group project following a four-year hiatus. Stop-Motion Happening continues the dreamlike web of radiophonic releases from PYE Corner Audio, Belbury Poly, Broadcast & The Advisory Circle that have made his co-run Ghost Box imprint such a staple in the minds and collections of the hauntology heavy heads.

Made up of a whopping great 25 tracks in total, Stop-Motion Happening takes in a variety of summer isle sounds that range from natural landscape folk passages to fizzing electronic blips and bloops through sampled jazz echoes. A warm sense of nostalgia that is ever present in The Focus Group's work hangs around in the ether, ringing through the wood like structure with a hazy sense of psychedelia that has been filtered through a pooling knowledge of Italian horror movies and Eastern European animation.

A sterling example of why we and so many others continue to swoon repeatedly for the Ghost Box sound.

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  1. 1 CineToneOne 0:17 The Focus Group Buy
  2. 2 Arpington Main 1:19 The Focus Group Buy
  3. 3 The Brand Spanking NOW 0:49 The Focus Group Buy
  4. 4 Local Computer 0:45 The Focus Group Buy
  5. 5 Rotaty Vision 1:24 The Focus Group Buy
  6. 6 Village of Numbers 0:55 The Focus Group Buy
  7. 7 Hazy Time 1:23 The Focus Group Buy
  8. 8 Refractional 0:52 The Focus Group Buy
  9. 9 Stage Craft and Screens 1:08 The Focus Group Buy
  10. 10 The Hazy Whom 1:07 The Focus Group Buy
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