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Last Splash
The Breeders
Last Splash
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August 1993
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With The Breeders back together and dropping a new LP this year, what better time to reacquaint yourself with one of the foremost alternative rock groups of the 90s. There are worse places to start than with their sophomore LP Last Splash, originally released in 1993. This album is the one on which The Breeders have built their legacy - it’s got ‘Cannonball’ on it, and one of the licks from ‘S.O.S.’ became the basis for The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ a couple of years later. But beyond its long-term impact, Last Splash is worth hearing on its own terms, as it’s a great combination of grunge and punk stylings from a band who had just figured out how good they were.

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  1. 1 New Year 1:56 The Breeders Buy
  2. 2 Cannonball 3:33 The Breeders Buy
  3. 3 Invisible Man 2:48 The Breeders Buy
  4. 4 No Aloha 2:07 The Breeders Buy
  5. 5 Roi 4:11 The Breeders Buy
  6. 6 Do You Love Me Now? 3:01 The Breeders Buy
  7. 7 Flipside 1:59 The Breeders Buy
  8. 8 I Just Wanna Get Along 1:44 The Breeders Buy
  9. 9 Mad Lucas 4:36 The Breeders Buy
  10. 10 Divine Hammer 2:41 The Breeders Buy
  11. 11 S.O.S. 1:31 The Breeders Buy
  12. 12 Hag 2:55 The Breeders Buy
  13. 13 Saints 2:32 The Breeders Buy
  14. 14 Drivin' on 9 3:22 The Breeders Buy
  15. 15 Roi (reprise) 0:42 The Breeders Buy

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