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Phono Ghosts churns in a fully loaded session of his lesser-spotted Meatbingo material, the cheekily-titled The Error of My WAVs spits out a mouthful of bouncy ball cosmic collision and cut 'n' paste funk across an extended album session, his first since 2013's Trendy Robots released via Skam.

Much like the head popping approach to house, acid and new beat that characterises the work of Jamal Moss, Leyland Kirby's V/Vm project and EVOL, Meatbingo's approach to funk carries a sort of arcade machine spinning out of control while firing coins out in all directions, this elastic swerve adds a layer of maddening charm to its robotic chaos. The key to Meatbingo's rare session is that it truly does sound miles away from anyone else operating within this corner of the electronica universe.

Armed with more slap bass than a Squarepusher live set, it's tempting to imagine "the error" of his WAVs has come from driving full force his guitar into the DX FM dial turning sample bank that provides the DNA for the album, the resulting conclusion turning in some seriously scrambled digital disco that further evolves and expands the outer reaches of the Meatbingo sound.

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  1. 1 Try Hards 3:42 Meatbingo Buy
  2. 2 Morecambe Bassline 3:38 Meatbingo Buy
  3. 3 Thumbs Aloft 3:17 Meatbingo Buy
  4. 4 Quoting to Be Clever 3:38 Meatbingo Buy
  5. 5 A Jazz Carpet 3:56 Meatbingo Buy
  6. 6 Hot Warmatron 3:29 Meatbingo Buy
  7. 7 The Contrarian Kid 3:28 Meatbingo Buy
  8. 8 What, in Today's World? 4:15 Meatbingo Buy



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