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The Road: Part 1
Songs For The Def
Catalogue Number
Release Date
18 août 2017


With James Lavelle out on his own for the fifth UNKLE LP - and the first in seven years - he could be forgiven for taken a radically different approach. The thing is, though, UNKLE’s modus operandi has always been to take a radically different approach. So in a sense what we get here is more of the same, if by ‘more of the same’ you mean envelope-pushing British electronica. The project’s penchant to paint in broad strokes hasn’t changed with the lineup. From ‘Looking For the Rain’s techno-blues to the Tricky-indebted trip-punk of ‘No Where To Run/Bandits’, the album is a dark and stormy affair, an effect heightened by the frequent spoken-word interludes. Mark Lanegan, Andrew Innes and many others guest.

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Iter 1 : Have You Looked at Yourself? UNKLE 0:49 Acheter

    Iter 1 : Have You Looked at Yourself?

  2. 2 Farewell UNKLE feat. YSÉE, ESKA, Elliott Power, Keaton Henson, Liela Moss, Mïnk, Dhani Harrison and Steven Young 6:16 Acheter


  3. 3 Looking for the Rain UNKLE feat. Mark Lanegan and ESKA 6:01 Acheter

    Looking for the Rain

  4. 4 Cowboys or Indians UNKLE feat. Elliott Power, MÏNK and YSÉE 6:20 Acheter

    Cowboys or Indians

  5. 5 Iter 2 : How Do You Feel? UNKLE 1:06 Acheter

    Iter 2 : How Do You Feel?

  6. 6 No Where to Run/Bandits UNKLE 5:34 Acheter

    No Where to Run/Bandits

  7. 7 Iter 3 : Keep on Runnin' UNKLE 0:56 Acheter

    Iter 3 : Keep on Runnin'

  8. 8 Stole Enough UNKLE feat. Mïnk 3:09 Acheter

    Stole Enough

  9. 9 Arms Length UNKLE feat. Elliott Power, Mïnk and Callum Finn 4:56 Acheter

    Arms Length

  10. 10 Iter 4 : We Are Stardust UNKLE 0:59 Acheter

    Iter 4 : We Are Stardust

  11. 11 Sonata UNKLE feat. Keaton Henson 5:18 Acheter


  12. 12 The Road UNKLE feat. ESKA 6:22 Acheter

    The Road

  13. 13 Iter 5 : Friend or Foe UNKLE 0:33 Acheter

    Iter 5 : Friend or Foe

  14. 14 Sunrise (Always Comes Around) UNKLE feat. Liela Moss 6:42 Acheter

    Sunrise (Always Comes Around)

  15. 15 Sick Lullaby UNKLE feat. Keaton Henson 4:33 Acheter

    Sick Lullaby


Alternative / Indie / Post-rock

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