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Untitled II
Beau Wanzer
Untitled II
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2017

Beau Wanzer's long promised second Untitled LP volume finally lands on our doorstep having been teased for months.

Having been tempting the Discogs comment crew since September 16' Untitled II' finally lands with a mechanical kick and a new beat bounce. While it may have its ties in the traditional house and techno sound that Beau is undoubtedly a master of, the robust four to the floor sound here is heavy influenced by a sort of gas tank overload industrial edge that keeps it perfectly placed for the basement dwellers setting their directions to be properly spangled.

Totaly devistating, Untitled II constantly feels like it is gonna drag you under its swirling new wave induced stoned spin out in the very best way imaginable, give yourself over!

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  1. 1 Dr Dre's Smelly Feet Beau Wanzer 1:21
  2. 2 Front/Side View Beau Wanzer 1:22
  3. 3 The Tape Curses Beau Wanzer 1:25
  4. 4 Something Stinks Beau Wanzer 1:25
  5. 5 Starting At A Fish Beau Wanzer 1:21
  6. 6 Ultralean Beau Wanzer 1:09
  7. 7 Shitty Cough 14 Beau Wanzer 2:00
  8. 8 Weak Blizzard Beau Wanzer 1:23
  9. 9 Shock Therapy Beau Wanzer 1:20
  10. 10 2:16 AM Beau Wanzer 1:25
  11. 11 Happy Birthday To Me Beau Wanzer 1:37
  12. 12 Memory Loss Beau Wanzer 1:26

Beau Wanzer

Experimental House and Techno

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