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I Am Black Beauty
Nahid Akhtar
I Am Black Beauty
Finders Keepers Records
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July 2017
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Killer psychy Lahorian cinema fare here from some of the best in the business. Right after their amazing Maria Teresa Luciani reissue, the Finders Keepers crew dig deep into the Lollywood archives with this beautiful collection of ballads from Nahid Akhtar. An intoxicating blend of psych fuzz, deranged percussion work and bilingual lyric delivery makes this a stand out. Think Eddy Warner jamming with Selda after spending two weeks holed up in a coke-addled B list movie producer’s rundown studio. Amazing global influences can be heard throughout, and the title track ‘I Am Black Beauty’ is the best oddball surf pop record we’ve never heard.

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  1. 1 Badami Nainon Wale 1:17 Nahid Akhtar
  2. 2 Naughty Boy 1:29 Nahid Akhtar
  3. 3 Aesi Chalo Na 1:59 Nahid Akhtar
  4. 4 I Am Black Beauty 1:17 Nahid Akhtar
  5. 5 Karye Pyar 2:00 Nahid Akhtar
  6. 6 Yeh Aaj Mujhko Kya Huwa 1:18 Nahid Akhtar
  7. 7 Good News For You 1:59 Nahid Akhtar
  8. 8 Some Say I Am Sweety 1:59 Nahid Akhtar
  9. 9 What Can I Do 2:00 Nahid Akhtar
  10. 10 Sheeshe Ki Botal 2:00 Nahid Akhtar

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