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Memories Live Longer Than Dreams
Leyland Kirby
Memories Live Longer Than Dreams
History Always Favours the Winners
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2017

Originally released back in 2009 in a tiny run on Kirby’s own label, part three to his ‘Sadly,... ‘ series just happened to contain some of the composer's most heart-wrenching moments. Positively dripping in melancholy, the music of Leyland Kirby occupies that strange realm of nostalgia-tinged drones and delicate piano/string works, the end result sounding as if the whole thing was recorded underwater. Just check out ‘We All Won That Day, Sunshine’ if you aren’t already familiar! Firm recommendation for fans of Daniel Lentz, William Basinski, Stars of the Lid et al. This is music that never gets old.

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  1. 1 Memories Live Longer Than Dreams Leyland Kirby 8:37
  2. 2 Dont Sleep I'm Not What I Seem, I'm A Very Quiet Storm Leyland Kirby 13:18
  3. 3 A Longing To Be Absorbed For A While Into A Different And Beautiful World Leyland Kirby 13:21
  4. 4 Days In The Wilderness Leyland Kirby 4:17
  5. 5 Stralauer Peninsula Leyland Kirby 16:57
  6. 6 We All Won That Day Sunshine Leyland Kirby 12:45
  7. 7 And At Dawn Armed With Glowing Patience We Will Enter The Cities Of Glory Stripped Leyland Kirby 10:47

Leyland Kirby

History Always Favours the Winners

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