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Boo Boo
Toro Y Moi
Boo Boo
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July 2017
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The one formerly known as Chaz Bundick, now Chaz Bear, comes through with another classy full-length as Toro Y Moi. Boo Boo’s aesthetic has much in common with Frank Ocean’s best work in the way it uses classic synth-pop and r&b stylings to explore pertinent questions about identity. The grooves of tracks like ‘Mirage’, ‘Inside My Head’ and lead single ‘Girl Like You’ cruise along in a manner much like the artist’s previous highs, their electro-funk basslines and Bear’s nasal croon sheened with reverb and packed into tight song structures. Bear goes deeper than he has previously on the lyrics front, exploring how a career trajectory that has placed him close to the top of the global alternative music spectrum has affected his personal life and relationships.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Mirage 5:09 Toro Y Moi Buy
  2. 2 No Show 3:14 Toro Y Moi Buy
  3. 3 Mona Lisa 4:15 Toro Y Moi Buy
  4. 4 Pavement 2:22 Toro Y Moi Buy
  5. 5 Don't Try 4:25 Toro Y Moi Buy
  6. 6 Windows 4:05 Toro Y Moi Buy
  7. 7 Embarcadero 2:46 Toro Y Moi Buy
  8. 8 Girl Like You 3:43 Toro Y Moi Buy
  9. 9 You and I 3:51 Toro Y Moi Buy
  10. 10 Labyrinth 4:01 Toro Y Moi Buy
  11. 11 Inside My Head 4:11 Toro Y Moi Buy
  12. 12 W.I.W.W.T.W. 7:08 Toro Y Moi Buy

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