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Dance to the beat of ESG! Though the group are best known for their much-loved and mucher-sampled 80s ouevre, this set of South Bronx sisters kept producing essential music well into the new Millennium. Keep On Moving, originally released in 2006 and featuring some of the original members’ daughters (!), is a perfect post-punk album, and given the hype around the NYC scene at the time it’s amazing that the record isn’t talked about in the same breath as !!!’s Louden Up Now, Echoes by The Rapture or LCD Soundsystem’s eponymous debut. Despite working predominantly with bass-and-drum grooves, ESG cover a huge range of styles here: Jazz-tinged hip-hop (‘Ex’); minimal groove traxx (the two ‘Insane’ entries); even shades of hardcore punk on closer ‘Gimme A Blast’. A wonderful album from a wonderful band.

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  1. 1 Purely Physical 6:21 ESG Buy
  2. 2 Keep On Moving 4:16 ESG Buy
  3. 3 Insane (Tambourine Mix) 2:59 ESG Buy
  4. 4 The Road 6:14 ESG Buy
  5. 5 I'd Do It For You 2:59 ESG Buy
  6. 6 Everything Goes 4:08 ESG Buy
  7. 7 Ex 6:33 ESG Buy
  8. 8 Insane (Bass Mix) 2:57 ESG Buy
  9. 9 Gimme A Blast 6:04 ESG Buy


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