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Audiovisual Designs
Audiovisual Designs
Catalogue Number
Audiovisual Designs
Release Date
June 2017
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D'Arcagnelo's 2013 album Audiovisual Designs made available digitally for the first time.

Spanning twenty-six tracks, Audiovisual Designs acts as a perfect entry point into the duo's unique sound world. Possibly taking its length cues from Drukqs, the sounds displayed range from the empty freezer ambience of Eksel through to the industrial hip-hop and new wave leanings of their classic Rephlex debut 'EP'.

A brilliant selection of sounds that perfectly shows the range of styles covered by the unit.

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  1. 1 Alpha Dream 2:56 D'Arcangelo Buy
  2. 2 Simple Science 3:20 D'Arcangelo Buy
  3. 3 Kreate 3:54 D'Arcangelo Buy
  4. 4 Tempo 3:21 D'Arcangelo Buy
  5. 5 Meta 4:10 D'Arcangelo Buy
  6. 6 Score 5 3:51 D'Arcangelo Buy
  7. 7 Sepotwoeight 3:50 D'Arcangelo Buy
  8. 8 Choices 3:47 D'Arcangelo Buy
  9. 9 Beta Too 4:31 D'Arcangelo Buy
  10. 10 Ascensional Melody 4:04 D'Arcangelo Buy
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