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Ninja Tune
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October 2017
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ABRA’s 2015 album Rose comes from the same line of internet-age r&b as FKA Twigs’s EP2 and Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia, Ultra - namely that it was a viral hit of a record that catapulted its creator to their genre’s frontline. Fast-forward two years and Ninja Tune have savvily decided to get the rights to press the record to vinyl. The quality of the songcraft here has allowed Rose to still sound as fresh a couple of years on - not an easy thing to do in a musical landscape that swallows trends as quickly as it creates them. Soul, trap, chillwave, hip-house and plenty more are swirled together in ABRA’s pot, with her smoky vocals cresting above the beats.

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  1. 1 Feel 4:07 ABRA
  2. 2 Roses 3:37 ABRA
  3. 3 U Kno 3:36 ABRA
  4. 4 Fruit 5:41 ABRA
  5. 5 Pride 5:10 ABRA
  6. 6 Lights Interlude (feat. Archibald Slim) 2:56 ABRA
  7. 7 Atoms 4:50 ABRA
  8. 8 No Chill 5:29 ABRA
  9. 9 $hot 6:38 ABRA
  10. 10 Tonight! 4:14 ABRA
  11. 11 Human 4:57 ABRA
  12. 12 Game 3:19 ABRA


Ninja Tune

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