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45th Generation Roman & European Bob
Laurie Tompkins
45th Generation Roman & European Bob
Sacred Tapes
Catalogue Number
SAC #036
Release Date
March 2017

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Laurie Tompkins follows up his debut full-length on Slip with a new record for Sacred Tapes (Swaggerjack, Black Vomit). 45th Generation Roman & European Bob (five points if you get the reference) is an erstwhile and unusual listen. The nine tracks here are the sort of avant-amateurism that lurks in the back of the output of artists like Micachu & The Shapes and Yeah You, but Tompkins takes it far further than those artists do. Much of this record is made up of wordless yelps and bash-on-the-keys keyboard playing.

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  1. 1 I'm 3:52 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  2. 2 Man 5:29 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  3. 3 Fifth 2:40 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  4. 4 Gen 2:34 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  5. 5 A 4:58 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  6. 6 ER 4:07 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  7. 7 Ty 3:02 Laurie Tompkins Buy
  8. 8 European Bob 3:20 Laurie Tompkins Buy

Laurie Tompkins

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