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David Chatton Barker
Dust of Shadows
Hood Faire
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May 26, 2017
  • Bundle, Lathe Cut

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    • Nature seven-inch lathe featuring audio on A-side
    • Hand pyrography etching of spore print on B-side
    • A3 double sided B&W cut and paste zine
    • Unique glass spore print slide with each edition
    • Made in an edition of 23 copies worldwide

    Released: June 5, 2017

Following on from his sleeve designs for the recent Radiophonic Workshop album and the Lost Tapes Record Club's final Exquisite Corpses reissue, Folklore Tapes' David Chatton Barker turns in another elegantly produced limited artifact in the form of Dust of Shadows, a rural conjuring lathe cut made in a one-time edition of 23 copies and released via David's Hood Faire, an imprint he oversees with Sam McLoughlin (Sam and the Plants/N. Racker) and Dean McPhee.

Made from an array of recordings that range from "indeterminate water drops falling from rocks and tree roots on to homemade water drums and clock chimes" to "scratchy sounds which are the optical sound from a 16mm film made by directly applying spore prints to the surface of the film strip", David has combined these with the vocal elements of "Maria Sabina from the Mazatec Indians of Mexico" who can be found "singing a mushroom ceremony, with a recording from Sylvia Plath reading her poem ‘Mushrooms" complimenting the background ambience. Dust of Shadows exists as a record release of an exhibition of a live performance based on a personal investigation into the world of fungi. The text on the reverse is written in the the ink produced by Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus comatus) and the glass slide is a unique spore print in itself.

Sure to dissipate into the undergrowth before long, Hood Fair have included a Dust of Shadows hand carved etching on the b-side by David, completing another fascinating entry into this most singular of labels.

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David Chatton Barker

Hood Faire

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