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Bitter Music
Perc Trax
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June 9, 2017


Straight-laced Industrial strength techno from Perc on Bitter Music, his third long player and following on from a recent jaw clenching collab with Truss remixing Mumdance & Logos.

Alongside AnD, Shifted, Truss and Donor, Perc has long been a producer who you can always rely on to bring some serious weight to the techno table. His productions have consistently crossed the grey area between industrial militarism, stark techno and shattered noise... Aka he goes in, and hard.

Bitter Music lives up to its namesake with a collection of tracks that sound as evil as the title suggests. Cavernous tribal drums beat to a skull disco rhythm while sharp synth stabs claw at every second that passes by. Where previous Perc albums have focused on out and out destruction, Bitter Music feels more refined and almost restrained. The filth and fury are as ever present but it feels almost blocked by something darker lurking beneath the surface, a breakout of violence feels like it could strike at any moment yet remains bubbling just under the surface.

Industrial music perfect for soundtracking the urban decay of these modern, troubling times.


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