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Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith
City Slang
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June 9, 2017


Back in 2016, Tindersticks scored a film about the pioneering British naturalist and documentarian F. Percy Smith. Said film premiered at the 2016 BFI London Film Festival, and year and a half later the music has found its way to wax for the first time. Across Minute Bodies, Tindersticks manage to conjure an air of both intimacy and grandeur in much the same manner in which Smith used the microscopic to make sense of the magnificent. Ondes Martinot, guitar, drums and a musical saw form the basis of much of the fare on Minute Bodies. The way tracks like ‘Gathering Moss’ and ‘Scarlet Runner’ spool out their melodies in the manner of a cat pulling at a ball of string is delightfully engaging.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Percy's Theme 1:58 Buy

    Percy's Theme

  2. 2 Gathering Moss 5:03 Buy

    Gathering Moss

  3. 3 Magic Myxies 8:25 Buy

    Magic Myxies

  4. 4 Peas and Ques 3:11 Buy

    Peas and Ques

  5. 5 Tiny Honey Gatherers 2:33 Buy

    Tiny Honey Gatherers

  6. 6 World in a Wine Glass 4:25 Buy

    World in a Wine Glass

  7. 7 Fireworks 1:54 Buy


  8. 8 The Strangler 4:58 Buy

    The Strangler

  9. 9 Percy's Dream 1:50 Buy

    Percy's Dream

  10. 10 Brewsters Magic 2:37 Buy

    Brewsters Magic

  11. 11 Reverse Frog 1:34 Buy

    Reverse Frog

  12. 12 Life Cycle of a Newt 2:35 Buy

    Life Cycle of a Newt

  13. 13 Reproduction Montage 2:15 Buy

    Reproduction Montage

  14. 14 Scarlet Runner 7:07 Buy

    Scarlet Runner

  15. 15 Percy's Dream (Reprise) 1:47 Buy

    Percy's Dream (Reprise)


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