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Electronic Tapes
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juin 2017
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Stephanovich returns to the brilliant Electronic Tapes imprint with the follow up to his Ex Ep debut, -Altitude- blends the sort of Warp styled muzak of The Black Dog Spanners-era with a rolling astral-techno undertone.

The vibe throughout is modelled around a curious understanding of AI era electronica, this reaching into the future with a retro undercurrent is no more evident than on the B12-esq synth rush of Fluid, while Condor gives into some deep space throbbing acid strobes that could be lifted from the same session that gave us F.U.S.E. Dimension Intrusion.

Some seriously good stuff on show.

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Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Altitude High Stephanovich 4:05 Acheter
  2. 2 Fluid Stephanovich 4:51 Acheter
  3. 3 Brainfreeze Stephanovich 2:12 Acheter
  4. 4 Modem Stephanovich 4:32 Acheter
  5. 5 O.S Stephanovich 3:57 Acheter
  6. 6 Projections Stephanovich 2:33 Acheter
  7. 7 Condor Stephanovich 4:40 Acheter
  8. 8 Elan Stephanovich 3:37 Acheter


Electronic Tapes

Electronic and Electronica

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