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Neil Scrivin
Tomorrow's World
Catalogue Number
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June 9, 2017

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Neil Scrivin turns in a timeless reissue of his decade-old album Tomorrow's World, an almost lost to time artefact that sounds like a DX7 jam session between Pekka Airaksinen and DMX Krew!!!!

Travelling back in time on his Sinclair C5 and with a Rubix cube dancefloor by his side, Neil Scrivin's Tomorrow's World is a cheekily produced slice of retromania that due to its high-end production techniques and glossy sheen stands way above any sort of pastiche, and taken on its own context bears the sort of astral electro that could easily crop up on the Ghost Box imprint, if they looked the skies instead of public info and VHS library horror films for influence.

Having been turning the music around in the back of our minds since the tapes landed, what's striking is that Tomorrow's World could still be a viewpoint into a time we have still yet to arrive at, or even a message beamed from the 80s that is finally being received, at this point it's hard to say... but most likely it's just a killer electronica album. One that if you have been lost in the fuzzy electronica snowstorm of Neil's Twenty Years On Ben Nevis or have a strong yearning for The Lost Tapes Record Club, BOC or B12's recent sci-fi star-glaze sounds then this is the one, a radiophonic disco catapult set to shoot all that listen into the future-past.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Lifestyle 4:02 Buy
  2. 2 Less of an Art, More of a Science 3:48 Buy

    Less of an Art, More of a Science

  3. 3 Travelling Hopefully 4:17 Buy

    Travelling Hopefully

  4. 4 Natural Power 5:09 Buy
  5. 5 Inner Space 3:45 Buy
  6. 6 Telecommunications 4:23 Buy


  7. 7 Tomorrow's Babies 4:01 Buy

    Tomorrow's Babies

  8. 8 Outer Space 4:47 Buy
  9. 9 Leisure is a Serious Business 4:34 Buy

    Leisure is a Serious Business

  10. 10 Whatever Happened to. . .? 3:49 Buy

    Whatever Happened to. . .?

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