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Voices Bloom
James Place
Voices Bloom
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May 2017
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Phil Tortoroli adopts his James Place moniker for a new album of deep textures, manipulated samples and sinister thematics. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t hear hints of Burial here, especially on tracks like ‘Sortie’, which manage to evoke those same late night cityscape atmospherics. The album moves along very slowly, and seems to very much take pride in this, which is a great thing if you’re after an immersive listen. The scattered rhythms of ‘Echo You’ feel like the hollow shells of full on techno tracks, a sort of amorphous blueprint of what Tortoroli knows is out there but feels no need to try and replicate.

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  1. 1 Courage To Ask 6:02 James Place Buy
  2. 2 Robin Weep 3:44 James Place Buy
  3. 3 Move In Blue 4:40 James Place Buy
  4. 4 Rumor and Choir 5:00 James Place Buy
  5. 5 Theatre 6:11 James Place Buy
  6. 6 Echo You 5:10 James Place Buy
  7. 7 Wild Theme Unseen 10:01 James Place Buy

James Place


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