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Hospital Productions
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May 2017
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More new musc from Dominik Fernow’s Hospital Productions, this time from profilic noise artist Jim Mroz aka Lussuria. No stranger to the label, his brand of avant-garde industrialism has been a Hospital staple since 2010. However, for Standstill he collates almost thirty new recordings which range from eerie three/four minute sketches to full blown fifteen minute meanderings. The evocative song titles at play here help add to the cinematic feel of Mroz’s soundscapes, especially ‘Laughter of the Heights’ and ‘Cliff In the Red Tidal Wave’. There’s a lot of material here but its well worth your time if this is your sort of thing.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Tree of Marble 7:00 Lussuria Buy
  2. 2 Mirror Stage 7:09 Lussuria Buy
  3. 3 Aegri Somnia 7:36 Lussuria Buy
  4. 4 The Fourth Cardinal weighted down 8:04 Lussuria Buy
  5. 5 Viaticum, Spear Dance, Companion Note 14:03 Lussuria Buy
  6. 6 Acanthus Leaves, Of Rage and Denial, Lashes 13:58 Lussuria Buy
  7. 7 To Pale Shelter 14:24 Lussuria Buy
  8. 8 Slow Scorch 4:42 Lussuria Buy
  9. 9 Dust Will Blow 4:04 Lussuria Buy
  10. 10 Stolen Door 4:54 Lussuria Buy
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Hospital Productions

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Experimental and Noise

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