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Dust Belt
Hospital Productions
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May 2017
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New on Hospital Productions comes one of the labels most ferocious and uncompromising noise artists. The project of Max Gudmunson, Dust Belt explores the darker contemporary reaches of mind-bending industrialism the likes of Conrad Schnitzer pioneered back in the late 70s. Over the course of 46 (!) tracks, Gudmunson switches up between standard length drones and twenty minute plus epic sound collages, showing both his versatility and obvious studio commitment. Just one of the many freaky music works that Dominik Fernow manages to discover and add to his ever-growing Hospital Productions roster

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  1. 1 Internal Frontier 5:36 Dust Belt Buy
  2. 2 Usa Necropolis 21:04 Dust Belt Buy
  3. 3 Animal Optimism 4:56 Dust Belt Buy
  4. 4 Green Void 11:17 Dust Belt Buy
  5. 5 Enclave 6:19 Dust Belt Buy
  6. 6 Production Of Entropy 14:27 Dust Belt Buy
  7. 7 Metropolitan Tissue 4:40 Dust Belt Buy
  8. 8 Terrain Vague 4:47 Dust Belt Buy
  9. 9 Surfaces Awaiting Development 7:03 Dust Belt Buy
  10. 10 The Ritual Subject 15:32 Dust Belt Buy
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Hospital Productions

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