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Juana Molina
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May 2017
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Juana Molina is back with yet another masterpiece, an album overflowing with emotions, musical ideas and mysterious atmospheres.

With 'Halo', Juana picks up where she left off with her previous acclaimed album 'Wed 21', and shows once more that she really is "on an evolutionary journey of her own devising" (Pitchfork), which has brought the "eerie, hypnotic" music on each of her albums "to increasingly haunting heights" (Spin).

'Halo' is Juana Molina's seventh album, it contains twelve songs and was recorded in her home studio outside of Buenos Aires, and at Sonic Ranch Studio in Texas, with contributions by Odin Schwartz & Diego Lopez de Arcaute (who have both been playing live with Juana for a number of years), and Eduardo Bergallo (who has taken part in the mixing of her previous albums), with Deerhoof's John Dieterich making a guest appearance in a couple of tracks.

'Halo' sees Juana pursuing the various directions she previously explored, with deeper and expanded dimensions. All the words of praise from the media about "Wed 21" apply tenfold to this new opus.

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  1. 1 Paraguaya 3:43 Juana Molina Buy
  2. 2 Sin dones 5:41 Juana Molina Buy
  3. 3 Lenti´simo halo 5:23 Juana Molina Buy
  4. 4 In the lassa 4:39 Juana Molina Buy
  5. 5 Cosoco 4:57 Juana Molina Buy
  6. 6 Ca´lculos y ora´culos 4:46 Juana Molina Buy
  7. 7 Los pies helados 5:22 Juana Molina Buy
  8. 8 A00 B01 4:29 Juana Molina Buy
  9. 9 Cara de espejo 5:09 Juana Molina Buy
  10. 10 Ando´ 3:50 Juana Molina Buy
  11. 11 Estalacticas 4:52 Juana Molina Buy
  12. 12 Al oeste 3:37 Juana Molina Buy

Juana Molina

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