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Alva Noto
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October 2011
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Another brilliant example of reduced electronic minimalism from Carsten Nicolai, who, in addition to overseeing Raster Noton, has collaborated with the likes of YMO's Ryuichi Sakamoto over the 10 + years that he has been making music. Less serene that this collaboration, 'Univrs' could be hailed as 'outsider' club music; the percussion and rhythms are fragile and crystalline, but the bass is omnipresent and foreboding. In a similar way the to exponents of the more spatial, isolated genus of techno such as Pan Sonic and Sleeparchive. An essential release.

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  1. 1 Uni C 6:32 Alva Noto Buy
  2. 2 Uni Fac 4:35 Alva Noto Buy
  3. 3 Uni Asymmetric Tone 1:15 Alva Noto Buy
  4. 4 Uni Rec 7:32 Alva Noto Buy
  5. 5 Uni Dia 5:54 Alva Noto Buy
  6. 6 Uni Iso 10:17 Alva Noto Buy
  7. 7 Uni Mode 1:53 Alva Noto Buy
  8. 8 Uni Acronym 6:23 Alva Noto Buy
  9. 9 Uni Asymmetric Noises 1:52 Alva Noto Buy
  10. 10 Uni Deform 3:33 Alva Noto Buy
  11. 11 Uni Asymmetric III-IIII 1:29 Alva Noto Buy
  12. 12 Uni Syc 5:00 Alva Noto Buy
  13. 13 Uni Asymmetric Sweep 3:12 Alva Noto Buy
  14. 14 Uni Pro 3:17 Alva Noto Buy

Alva Noto

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