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GT Ultra
Guerilla Toss
GT Ultra
DFA Records
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May 2017
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DFA presents the second LP from punk-funk upstarts Guerilla Toss. Unashamed in its subversiveness - the artwork for GT Ultra is brainchild of LSD archivist Mark McCloud - this album hits you with eight killer drums-and-synth grooves that make you pine for the early-2000s NYC golden age of LCD Soundsystem, !!! et al. The first four songs are brisk, livewire shocks of electro-punk, the knotty structures and screwy vocals of which bring to mind The Slits and Le Tigre. Things slow down for the album’s second half in a manner that recalls the exhalatory b-side of Talking Heads’ Remain in Light, though tracks like ‘Dog in the Mirror’ still pack a wicked punch.

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  1. 1 Betty Dreams of Green Men 3:29 Guerilla Toss Buy
  2. 2 Can I Get the Real Stuff 2:57 Guerilla Toss Buy
  3. 3 Crystal Run 2:57 Guerilla Toss Buy
  4. 4 TV Do Tell 1:35 Guerilla Toss Buy
  5. 5 The String Game 3:15 Guerilla Toss Buy
  6. 6 Skull Pop 5:01 Guerilla Toss Buy
  7. 7 Dog in the Mirror 5:03 Guerilla Toss Buy
  8. 8 Dose Rate 4:40 Guerilla Toss Buy

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