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Laptop Cafe
Jack Peoples
Laptop Cafe
Clone Aqualung Series
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July 2017
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Clone's Aqualung Series dives into the deepest waters of Drexciya's universe and pull out the never before heard mini album Laptop Cafe, a six track mini album lifted from the same sessions as The Other People Place's near mythical Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café. Jack Peoples extends the mystery of Drexciya's legendary storm series while instantly rising to the top of James Stinson's legendary aquatic discography.

The words "never heard before" and "recordings by Drexciya's James Stinson" possibly amount to one of the most exciting sentences you are ever likely to hear within electronic music, and with Laptop Cafe, Clone's Aqualung Series have unearthed what is sure to be one of the biggest archival releases of the decade. Originally recorded around the time of surely Stinson's most loved project The Other People Place, Jack Peoples contains six previously unheard (and for everyone other than Clone widely unknown to have even existed) pieces that bask in the same melodic sunrays as the Lifestyles album.

Thought to have been lost in time by those in the know, the chief Drexciyan archivists Clone came across the recordings on a DAT and went giving it the full release that it so thoroughly deserves.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Song 06 Instrumental Jack Peoples 4:28 Buy
  2. 2 Song 02 Jack Peoples 5:51 Buy
  3. 3 Song 01 Jack Peoples 4:55 Buy
  4. 4 Song 04 Jack Peoples 5:54 Buy
  5. 5 Song 03 Jack Peoples 5:47 Buy
  6. 6 Song 05 Vocal Jack Peoples 4:28 Buy

Clone Aqualung Series

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