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Meteor EP
Meteor EP
Analogical Force
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May 2017

Madrid’s Analogical Forces has been making waves recently, most notably with its three Voiceless EPs that have dropped over 2017 and the back end of 2016. Shinra featured on the first of those, contributing ‘Cosiin’ to Voiceless X, and the insistent energy of that track carries through to his first solo release on the label. Meteor contains four cuts of acid techno that are dead-eyed in their intent - track titles like ‘Pinwheel’ and ‘Propeller’ should convince you of the propulsive motion contained within. ‘Pinwheel’ and ‘Plannt’ allow some thick swathes of synth to build before unloading their 303-led attacks, while ‘Anxsrv’ and ‘Propeller’ dive straight into the fray.

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  1. 1 Pinwheel 1:53 Shinra
  2. 2 Anxsrv 1:58 Shinra
  3. 3 Propeller 1:59 Shinra
  4. 4 Plannt 1:53 Shinra

Analogical Force

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