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Lex Recs (BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah, Nehruviandoom) release the debut album from Filipino musician EYEDRESS. From the cover art to the musical content to the album title, Manila Ice is built on the interplay between witty and serious, organic creation and repurposed content. Much like Dean Blunt, Idris Vicuna turns the realm of bedroom music into a postmodern playground, working the channels between influence and originality to create music that can be read as straight-from-the-heart DIY pop, social commentary or contemporary art depending on where you’re standing at the time. The title track, for instance, could just as easily be about Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal anti-drugs campaign as it could be a chill slice of lo-fi r&b. An intriguing record indeed.

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  1. 1 Manilla Ice 2:23 Eyedress Buy
  2. 2 Sofia Coppola 1:46 Eyedress Buy
  3. 3 Seperation Anxiety 3:47 Eyedress Buy
  4. 4 Family Tree 2:37 Eyedress Buy
  5. 5 Big Shoes 3:37 Eyedress Buy
  6. 6 Feel Like Giving Up 2:31 Eyedress Buy
  7. 7 Can't Run From Pain 2:37 Eyedress Buy
  8. 8 Third Eye Kisses 2:50 Eyedress Buy
  9. 9 Love All Around 3:08 Eyedress Buy
  10. 10 Pentagram Land Fix 4:16 Eyedress Buy
  11. 11 Living Room 2:45 Eyedress Buy
  12. 12 Sticky Green Leaves 2:19 Eyedress Buy
  13. 13 High Street Drive By 2:23 Eyedress Buy
  14. 14 Used To Be Good Friends 5:56 Eyedress Buy
  15. 15 Look Past The Past 1:38 Eyedress Buy


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