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  • Vinyl 1×LP + MP3 $14.49
    • Only 140 copies available
    • Sleeve designed by David Chatton Barker of Folklore Tapes
    • One time 12" pressing
    • Includes hand stamped and numbered paper inner sleeve
    • Please note that the tracks 'Iridescent Tinct (Damaged Mix) by The Prehistoric Footprint Theatre' 'Head Selection by Circular Hope Society' 'Crucible Of Victory by Penny Bloom' are digital only and does not appear on the vinyl

    In stock. Shipping now.

  • WAV / FLAC 16-bit Lossless $7.99

  • MP3 320 kbps – LAME Encoded $6.99

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The Lost Tapes Record Club transmit the final frequency of their long-out-of-print Radiolore album series - a project curated by members of the band Clinic, harbouring strong ties to the worlds occupied by Folklore Tapes and Finders Keepers.

As the series draws to a conclusion, the final port of call for the psychedelic airwave disrupters finds them furthering the research into the Supernatural/Natural North West surroundings of their native Liverpool and the Folklore Tapes' home of Manchester. Channeling the ghost of Julian Cope's classic Merseyside psyche, on EP-4 they have landed midway between Avebury and the Echo.

Upon its original release, EP-4 was the moment when The Lost Tapes Record Club first decided to unearth the Exquisite Corpses imprint and provide all those who missed out on the limited run cassette series with a set of beautifully produced and much lusted-after vinyl editions.

Coming ripe with the sounds of the series that have embedded themselves within our dial turning habits, EP-4 brings together the very best moments from the previous chapters and acts as a sort of map that shows the journey from which we first came. From the PYE Corner Audio style Kosmiche mixtape of EP-1, the Coil-esque frostbite icicles that fell through the mist surrounding EP-2 and the far-flung Finders Keepers mixtape library experiments of EP-3, The Lost Tapes Record Club have crafted a series alive with the wonder and mystery of some sort of imagined Conet Project style pirate radio station takeover you are ever likely to come across in the countryside.

EP-4 finds the Lost Tapes spectres fading into the bandwidth laden mysteries, myths and strange phenomena that they have explored throughout the series. It's with a curious ambience that they are leaving the airwaves with as much air and mystery that was central to the project when they first emerged. EP-4 is a fitting ending to this most singular of projects, one that will resonate in the background of our memories for many years to come.

  1. 1 Intro 0:16 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  2. 2 Head Selection by Circular Hope Society 4:16 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  3. 3 Azat Ankakh Hayastan by The Armenian Solidarity Trust Band 1:00 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  4. 4 Mona's Ark by Maryes TeÇmples 3:10 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  5. 5 Je Gro¦ê+ƒer Sie Kommen, Desto Ha¦êrter Fallen Sie by Die Deutsche Fleeter 7:00 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  6. 6 The Glass Hammer Interlude 1:25 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  7. 7 Radio Waves by The Network Orchestra (The Glass Hammer OST) 3:05 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  8. 8 Outro 2:39 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  9. 9 Iridescent Tinct (Damaged Mix) by The Prehistoric Footprint Theatre 5:32 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  10. 10 Silo by Blacksmith 2:28 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy
  11. 11 Crucible Of Victory by Penny Bloom 7:51 The Lost Tapes Record Club Buy

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