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Dream Catalogue
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May 30, 2017

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One of the most shadowy operators within the Dream Catalogue sphere Yoshimi returns to the restricted areas of the imprint's vast sprawling metropolis with 'Atavism'. Hacking into a new strain of vaporwave, Yoshimi has piloted a new sound that carries the sort of richly cinematic undertones of Ryuichi Sakamoto within its unique mode of cyberpunk dread.

Having already opened us up to the rolling concrete jungle of hardvapour, HKE's Dream Catalogue institution continues to show how diverse the sound and scene can be by turning in a flooring album of what possibly amounts to the first volume of vapour concrète. Atavism sketches out ten parallel snapshots of the same universe, a sort of Kowloon walled city of abandonment that's been left to slowly crumble within the confines of a winter so icy that each second of the record threatens to freeze your lungs from the inside out. Split between snapshots of club gear, the drums pierce the atmosphere with a sharp intensity, while the overall feeling is one of being set adrift on a lot course within the blinding sea that surrounds the end of world rave that wosX took the scene towards in 2015.

In the same way that Logos' 'Cold Mission' saw the first motion of his sound towards what we now know as weightless, Yoshimi's Atavism is steering the vaporwave scene into a fiercely exciting new sound, that reflects its new surroundings within the darkest, coldest corner of outer space.

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