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Ghostly's central figure of all things analogue, Com Truise spins his low-riding synth-wave automobile back around for Iteration, the first new LP from Seth Haley's much-loved project in six years! A twelve track culmination of his previous outings mixed with a freshly found techno-turbo-motion sound that could easily have stemmed from his recent touring and split 12" with Warp's Clark.

Iteration continues the high-speed narrative laid out on his debut long player Galactic Melt and the follow-up compilation In Decay, high definition synth sounds and an overall approach to electronica that carries a chilled tempo with some serious structures. Continuing to dazzle all who get caught in its beams with his multi-faceted technicolour techno, Iteration is both at once a record that mixes a gliding ambient sheen with a very vivid form of beat-laden funk.

Reflecting the most anthemic moments of Clark's Death Peak destruction and the brain-frazzling nostalgic glimpses of Lorenzo Senni's Persona reflection, Com Truise uses Iteration to focus on an imagined soundtrack that plays out through the viewpoint of his recently refreshed life in Los Angeles. Filling each track with glossy detail, Haley is quoted as saying "It's basically like I'm scoring this film in my head, but that film I'm scoring is also somehow my life" which we imagine is a very familiar notion for many of you within the headphone commuting generation, yet through Com Truise's eyes the film in question takes on a very vivid form of '80s synth science fiction expressionism, one that is at once both radiating with a glacial shroud of lost futurism whilst also being continually uplifting within its search and escape from longing, hope, anxiety, and triumph.

While it may have taken over half a decade for Com Truise to reboot his gear and reel off a new LP, the wait is fully justified with an end result that is caked in so much attention to detail and an overall seductive sound. Iteration is an album that provides a brand of hope within these stark, bleak times while traversing the outer-reaching elements of Com Truise's subtle synth styled version excursion.

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  1. 1 ...Of Your Fake Dimension 3:27 Com Truise Buy
  2. 2 Ephemeron 4:17 Com Truise Buy
  3. 3 Dryswch 4:46 Com Truise Buy
  4. 4 Isostasy 4:26 Com Truise Buy
  5. 5 Memory 3:35 Com Truise Buy
  6. 6 Propagation 4:10 Com Truise Buy
  7. 7 Vacuume 3:19 Com Truise Buy
  8. 8 Ternary 4:12 Com Truise Buy
  9. 9 Usurper 3:42 Com Truise Buy
  10. 10 Syrthio 4:44 Com Truise Buy
  11. 11 When Will You Find the Limit? 5:38 Com Truise Buy
  12. 12 Iteration 3:37 Com Truise Buy

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