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April 2017
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INVADA follow a strong run of soundtracks: two volumes of Stranger Things, Trent Reznor and Mogwai's Before The Flood and Black Mirror: Men Against Fire with the '90s indebted nostalgic cityscape wanderings of Shanghai by College.

While it is deeply meditative at times, Shanghai also bristles with the day to day busyness and atmospheres of the city it was inspired by, a hustle and bustle of street level neon signs and fast paced cars with tinted windows sliding by, pulling influence from figures as wide-ranging as Mark Snow, Angelo Badalamenti, Joe Hisaishi and Aphex Twin, echoes of each of their work stands tall over the recordings skyline, framing the music in a haze of analogue synth abundance.

One for those looking for a soundtrack to warp their minds.

  1. 1 A Strange Guide 2:11 College Buy
  2. 2 Bloody Palms 2:23 College Buy
  3. 3 Hotel Theme Part I 3:04 College Buy
  4. 4 Love Peas 3:19 College feat Hama Buy
  5. 5 Mister Fang 2:16 College Buy
  6. 6 Is It Time 2:20 College Buy
  7. 7 Typhoon Alert 2:22 College Buy
  8. 8 Briefcase 1:57 College Buy
  9. 9 Elizabeth Monterey 2:08 College Buy
  10. 10 Mansion Road 2:35 College Buy
  11. 11 Next To the River 3:05 College Buy
  12. 12 Hotel Theme Part II 3:03 College Buy
  13. 13 Lipstick 2:28 College Buy
  14. 14 The Airport 1:56 College Buy
  15. 15 8 2:02 College Buy


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