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Danny Wolfers (Legowelt)
Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz
Nightwind Records
Catalogue Number
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May 5, 2017


First time on vinyl ambient gem from Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt aka one million other aliases, guises and monikers! This one is somewhat of an overlooked anomaly in his back catalogue, utilising dubious multitracking to create the one man band effect and inspired by lo-fi G-Funk, synth wave and punkish electronics. Played on ‘crappy digital synthesizers’, Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz is miles away from the uptempo house, techno and ghetto projects which Wolfers is most notably known for. ‘Montreal Airplane Nuts’ and ‘Grazing At A Wonder Farm’ recall some of the new age works of Ken Davis, Peter Westheimer and countless other Iasos-inspired psyche explorers, but don’t be put off by the thought of yet another homage to the 80s ambient scene. This record is great.

  1. 1 Grazing At A Wonder Farm 1:39
  2. 2 Clandestine Convention 2:03
  3. 3 Lunch Rain 2:04
  4. 4 Prophecy Dusting 1:36
  5. 5 Montreal Airplane Nuts 1:52
  6. 6 Emotional Wealth Is A Dream 1:41
  7. 7 Scenic Highway System 2:00
  8. 8 A New Form Of Martial Arts 1:03
  9. 9 Fantasy Or Dream I'll Take Anything 2:02

Danny Wolfers (Legowelt)

Nightwind Records

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