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Helena Hauff / B12 / ENDFEST / Contra Communem Opinionem / Lowfish
Voiceless Z
Analogical Force
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 12, 2017

The third release in Analogical Force’s Voiceless series pulls no punches in its celebration of all things analog. Contributions from Helena Hauff and Contra Communem Opinionem kick proceedings off on an acid flex, with both ‘Queens and Horses’ and ‘Stuxnet’ foregrounding burbling 303s. The remaining three tracks push off into more unusual waters. Lowfish’s ‘A List of Ghosts’, for instance, is a propulsive cut that sounds like Depeche Mode’s ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ being given a workover by Ellen Allien. B12’s ‘Unknown 12’ is the most melodic track, a set of pleasant bleeps and bloops with some unusual drum programming, and ENDFEST’s ‘Poppenkast’ rounds things out by sounding like a New Order-style instrumental that’s been turned up to 11.

  1. 1 Queens and Horses Helena Hauff 1:40
  2. 2 Stuxnet Contra Communem Opinionem 1:40
  3. 3 Unknown 12 B12 1:40
  4. 4 A List of Ghosts Lowfish 1:45
  5. 5 Poppenkast ENDFEST 1:43

Analogical Force

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