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Double Dragon
Hair & Treasure
Double Dragon
Sucata Tapes
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May 2017
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Double Dragon is an intriguing release, containing as it does two sides of spun-out ambience and found sound. The spools of noise, shrill ringing sounds, snippets of chatter and low wobbling synthesisers are yoked together to beguiling effect on each of these twenty-minute-long offerings. Double Dragon is best enjoyed if you tackle it with an open mind and allow yourself to become fully immersed in the world it creates. Touchstones would be the more quixotic work of Oliver Coates and Mica Levi - both separately and on their collaborative 2016 album Remain Calm - as well as Yves Tumor. Out via the recently-minted Sucata Tapes.

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  1. 1 Double Dragon I 20:00 Hair & Treasure
  2. 2 Double Dragon II 20:00 Hair & Treasure

Hair & Treasure

Sucata Tapes

Experimental and Noise

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