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Luke Vibert Presents Garave Vol. 1, a loving homage to the glory days of US and UK garage and rave that is executed with the same cheeky swagger that made his jungle LP Amen Andrews Vs Spac Hand Luke such a peak time draw for those plugged into the Rephlex/Hypercolour sound.

Littered with his usual sampladelic sense of fun, Garave Vol. 1 takes all the elements of peak time garage, house and rave (including many lifted samples that will prick a lot of ears!) and distills them into Vibert's trademark mixture of bouncin' basslines and shuffled beats. At a time when the hazy sunset soaked dancers of early 90s rave are rearing their heads again, Garave Vol. 1 couldn't have come round at a better time. While it will no doubt mix perfectly with your classics from Moving Shadow & Suburban Base, it echoes the same feeling of rave updated that made Zomby's WWUI92' such a key sound within the Hardcore Continuum. While those into the 'real' stuff may not be interested, Garave Vol. 1 to our ears is possibly one of the most straight ahead records from Luke Vibert yet. It throws together more spine-tingling synths, pupil dilating old school breakbeats, hair-raising piano rolls and more baggy bubblin' basslines than your fav back2theeoldskool YouTube channe.

Garave Vol. 1 is sure to provide some serious (acid) flashbacks for those who have been around long enough to remember the glory haze of rave.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 The Future 4:08 Luke Vibert Buy
  2. 2 U Can't Touch Dat 4:48 Luke Vibert Buy
  3. 3 Back With Me 4:43 Luke Vibert Buy
  4. 4 Heard It All B4 6:26 Luke Vibert Buy
  5. 5 Everybody 4:34 Luke Vibert Buy
  6. 6 Feel The Melody 5:17 Luke Vibert Buy
  7. 7 Stop Gap 6:08 Luke Vibert Buy
  8. 8 Clap Sing 4:50 Luke Vibert Buy
  9. 9 Feel The Riddim 4:11 Luke Vibert Buy
  10. 10 Pump 4:55 Luke Vibert Buy

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