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Ragnar Grippe
Dais Records
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April 2017
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Ryan Martin’s Dais label celebrates the 40th anniversary of this seminal piece of musique concrete with a special clear vinyl issue. Recorded in 1976/1977 to coincide with an exhibiton of Viswanadhan Velu’s paintings, this is one of those semi-rare instances of truly emotive tape music to spill out from Parisian studios of the era. Grippe worked closely with Luc Ferrari, relishing the second wave of GRM composers and their advancements on the movement. The result is a blissful and ever-evolving two part score, full of psychedelic auditory wonder and a personable edge which many concrete experiments sadly lack. Top stuff from Dais and a long time want of ours!

  1. 1 Track 1 2:00 Ragnar Grippe
  2. 2 Track 2 2:00 Ragnar Grippe

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