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Bedroom Community's chief ambient architect Valgeir Sigurðsson returns with the glacial drones of DISSONANCE, his first new material in five years!

Recorded in 2015 as the autumn months began to be swallowed up by the regaling winter, DISSONANCE captures eight unique moments of crisp clarity within Sigurðsson's blend of carefully composed drones and long-form passages of orchestrated percussion. Said to reflect "the most extreme four years of Sigurðsson’s life full of ecstatic joy and deep sorrow", DISSONANCE is an album mapped out with deep, sometimes haunting elements, that make it a gripping listen from start to finish. Ghosts of his contemporaries Mica Levi, Ben Frost & Johann Johannsson stalk the outskirts of the waters, yet when you dive in, it becomes clearer the deeper you go that this has been made by none other than the hands of Valgeir Sigurðsson.

  1. 1 Dissonance 22:49 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy
  2. 2 No Nights Dark Enough I. Flow 5:39 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy
  3. 3 No Nights Dark Enough II. Infamy Sings 4:16 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy
  4. 4 No Nights Dark Enough III. Fear and Grief and Pain 3:14 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy
  5. 5 No Nights Dark Enough iv. Learn to Contemn Light 3:06 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy
  6. 6 1875 I. Waterborne 6:34 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy
  7. 7 1875 II. In the Dead of Winter 2:42 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy
  8. 8 1875 III. Displaced 3:25 Valgeir Sigurdsson Buy

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