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Stubborn Persistent Illusions
Do Make Say Think
Stubborn Persistent Illusions
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May 2017


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Post-rock titans Do Make Say Think return with their first full-length since 2009’s Other Truths. Despite such a long time away, Stubborn Persistent Illusions doubles down on the same widescreen sonic approach that has made the band so celebrated in their field. There is admirably little flab on these tracks despite their lengthy run times, with the likes of ‘And Boundless’ combining propulsive work by the rhythm section with a cornucopia of textures and melodies. Intelligent, beautiful and progressive without ever devolving into self-indulgent largesse, Stubborn Persistent Illusions serves as both a new high for the band and something for their legions of young pretenders to aspire towards.

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  1. 1 War on Torpor 10:27 Do Make Say Think Buy
  2. 2 Horripilation 5:23 Do Make Say Think
  3. 3 A Murder of Thoughts 5:52 Do Make Say Think Buy
  4. 4 Bound 4:49 Do Make Say Think Buy
  5. 5 And Boundless 8:20 Do Make Say Think Buy
  6. 6 Her Eyes on the Horizon 7:13 Do Make Say Think Buy
  7. 7 As Far as the Eye Can See 7:51 Do Make Say Think Buy
  8. 8 Shlomo's Son 7:08 Do Make Say Think Buy
  9. 9 Return, Return Again 3:44 Do Make Say Think Buy

Do Make Say Think


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