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Songs By The Sea
The Boats
Songs By The Sea
The Boats Archive
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March 2017
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Releasing a slew of small run CD’s from the mid 2000s through til now, The Boats are a cult Manchester based experimental trio with full support from the Demdike Stare crew. Four of their early albums see the vinyl reissue treatment alongside an extravagant and highly limited boxset edition for 2017. Abstract electronics, treated guitar work, and a firm influence from The Durutti Column (especially on Songs By The Sea) make these ambient-pop gems encourage play after play. Grab them now before they disappear.

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  1. 1 Lessley 2:00 The Boats
  2. 2 It's Not Your Fault (It's How Air Works) 2:00 The Boats
  3. 3 And There Are Stars That Fell From The Sky 2:00 The Boats
  4. 4 You Run Circles Around Me 2:00 The Boats
  5. 5 All Thumbs & Thumbs 2:00 The Boats
  6. 6 A Volume Of Typefaces 2:00 The Boats
  7. 7 Names On A Map 2:00 The Boats
  8. 8 I Only Missed By One Word 2:00 The Boats
  9. 9 I Ignore All My Friends 2:00 The Boats
  10. 10 Kind Regards 2:00 The Boats

The Boats

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