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Dopplereffekt return with Cellular Automata, the first new album from the electro scientists since their Rephlex debut Calabi Yau Space ten years ago!!

Having kept themselves locked in the lab for the past decade, the duo of Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan have been constantly and carefully crafting out the astonishing building blocks of Cellular Automata, the dynamic scope of crystal clear electro portrayed here makes us forgive the scarce number of releases from the project in the intervening decade since Calabi Yau Space.

In true to form Dopplerefekt style, Cellular Automata takes its title from a discrete model studied in computability theory, mathematics, physics, complexity science, theoretical biology and microstructure modelling. This thought process carries through to the music perfectly, the feeling of each track as a brilliantly honed experiment of which the mechanical makeup and mathematical equations far outrange any scope of human understanding. It's hard to escape the idea that the album has been produced to be seemingly frozen within time, as if it is to be left for future techno technologists to discover and dissect the cross-border haunted electro that makes up the core of the recording.

With the ongoing reissue campaigns of past Dopplerefekt related projects such as Drexciya, Der Zyklus, Zwischenwelt. It's a true testament to the innovation and sonic wizardry of the artist sometimes known as Gerald Donald that after all these years his next project is often the most crucial. When taken from start to finish, Cellular Automata is an extraordinary experience. The tones and textures seemingly creep across your audio field like a scuttle of metallic spiders, setting nerves on edge while transmitting signals deep into your subconscious in the way that only Dopplerefekt can.

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  1. 1 Cellular Automata 4:58 Dopplereffekt Buy
  2. 2 Von Neumann Probe 3:28 Dopplereffekt Buy
  3. 3 Gestalt Intelligence 3:39 Dopplereffekt Buy
  4. 4 Isotropy 5:17 Dopplereffekt Buy
  5. 5 Pascal's Recursion 4:07 Dopplereffekt Buy
  6. 6 Ulams Spiral 4:11 Dopplereffekt Buy
  7. 7 Mandelbrot Set 3:45 Dopplereffekt Buy
  8. 8 Spirangle 4:24 Dopplereffekt Buy
  9. 9 Exponential Decay 4:25 Dopplereffekt Buy


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