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Denis Mpunga & Paul K
Music From Memory
Catalogue Number
MFM 019
Release Date
March 2017
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Music From Memory follow the mind-expanding Rainworks album from Suso Saiz with one of their first forays into post-punk waters with the album/compilation Criola by the lesser known Denis Mpunga & Paul K.

Compiled from various tracks from long-forgotten LP and tape compilations and one (as you would imagine) extremely hard to find 7", Denis Mpunga & Paul K's small but incredibly outer edges recordings melded African Rhythms with low-fi industrial electronics. The results, collected here as a sort of best of/debut album bring together some of the most crucial recordings from the pre-internet treasure trove of DIY sound escapism.

Imagine Jon Hassell and Eno recording for Final Image ‎and you are in the right ballpark.

  1. 1 Intermezzo 03 1:59 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  2. 2 Criola 1:58 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  3. 3 Intermezzo 02 0:56 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  4. 4 ---!!! KWE 1:50 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  5. 5 Dou-Niya 1:58 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  6. 6 Intermezzo 01 V3 0:46 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  7. 7 Funyaka 1:59 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  8. 8 What 1:58 Denis Mpunga & Paul K
  9. 9 Veronika 02 2:13 Denis Mpunga & Paul K

Music From Memory

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