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The Satanic Path
Pentagram Home Video
The Satanic Path
Death Waltz Originals
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March 2017
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Pentagram Home Video release their second LP on the Death Waltz Originals label, another collection of 80s horror synth, fat basslines and heavier drum machines. The one man band debuted on the label last year with a vinyl edition of 2014’s Who’s Out There? It seems PHV’s work usually comes on a highly limited cassette tape run from the man himself until Death Waltz bring it to their dedicated fan base. With tracks like ‘Ferric Church Organ’, ‘A Satanic Perspective On Youth Television’ and ‘A Great Celestial Alignment’ we’ll leave you to listen and make up your mind. Think a modern day take on Mort Garson’s Lucifer project and you’re not far off though.

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  1. 1 The Satanic Path Pentagram Home Video 1:30
  2. 2 A Satanic Perspective On Youth Television Pentagram Home Video 1:30
  3. 3 The Left Hand Path (Disco) Pentagram Home Video 1:30
  4. 4 Ferric Church Organ Pentagram Home Video 1:04
  5. 5 A Problem For The Occultist Pentagram Home Video 1:30
  6. 6 The Black Mass Part I / II / Leviathan Pentagram Home Video 1:30
  7. 7 A Great Celestial Event Pentagram Home Video 1:26
  8. 8 The Parallel Realm Pentagram Home Video 1:30
  9. 9 The Open Gate Pentagram Home Video 1:30

Pentagram Home Video

Death Waltz Originals


Alternative and Indie

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