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Mono No Aware
Various Artists
Mono No Aware
Catalogue Number
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April 2017
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PAN call on the core crew and a wealth of new names for the label's first compilation Mono No Aware (もののあわれ). An incredible collection of ambient recordings from the outer reaches of experimental electronica.

Across the sixteen track selection PAN draw on some of the imprints key artists both old and new, from label head Bill Kouligas through to classic artists such as Helm, ADR & M.E.S.H. before traversing through the new wave wormhole that takes in Yves Tumor, Sky H1 & TCF. A true testament to PAN as a label that brings through new artists is the range of names previously unknown that debut here. From Oli XL, Kareem Lotfy, AYYA & James K. Each of these artists brings a fresh side to the labels key sound.

Like everything that comes out on PAN, the care and attention to detail shines through vividly, making this an incredibly absorbing compilation that will long stand out as a key release amongst the legions of next gen ambient records doing the rounds these days.

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  1. 1 Fr3sh 3:52 Kareem Lotfy Buy
  2. 2 Held 6:22 Malibu Buy
  3. 3 Limerence 5:29 Yves Tumor Buy
  4. 4 Eliminator 3:27 Helm Buy
  5. 5 Open Invitation 4:49 ADR Buy
  6. 6 Second Mistake 7:16 AYYA Buy
  7. 7 Lugere 2:47 Flora Yin-Wong Buy
  8. 8 Justforu 5:31 Mya Gomez Buy
  9. 9 VXOMEG 3:36 Bill Kouligas Buy
  10. 10 Ok, American Medium 6:19 Jeff Witscher Buy
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