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Brandt Brauer Frick have been one of techno’s most consistently interesting acts in the 2010s, crafting rich and effusive tracks which utilise acoustic instruments and found-sound loops as well as classic analog techniques. Perhaps only a matter of time before the trio branched out as solo acts, the debut full-length from Daniel Brandt still comes as a pleasant surprise for those waiting on the main act to follow up 2016 LP Joy. There will be plenty for seasoned BBF-ers to love here. Opener ‘Chaparral Mesa’ spools out from a cell of bass guitar and synth into a jittery groove track, and ‘The White of the Eye’ whirrs and sputters like the tape-loop stuff of mid-period Radiohead. That said, there are enough of Brandt’s own idiosyncracies to make this work stand up on its own - the techno-tango of the title piece, for instance, or the warm beatless interlude ‘Turn Over’.

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  1. 1 Chaparral Mesa 8:03 Daniel Brandt Buy
  2. 2 FSG 3:44 Daniel Brandt Buy
  3. 3 The White of the Eye 5:12 Daniel Brandt Buy
  4. 4 Turn Over 4:04 Daniel Brandt Buy
  5. 5 Kale Me 6:30 Daniel Brandt Buy
  6. 6 Eternal Something 6:34 Daniel Brandt Buy
  7. 7 Casa Fiesta 3:29 Daniel Brandt Buy
  8. 8 On the Move 5:33 Daniel Brandt Buy

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