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Arthur Russell
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March 2017
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One of the greatest avant-garde songwriters of all time sees his collection of instrumental pieces from 1975-1980 issued on vinyl for the first time ever in this format.

Sadly Arthur Russell passed away in 1992, but his spirit lived on and enriched the musical lives of many a generation. Instrumentals takes a dive into the deeply personal song world which Russell inhabited, laying bare his innermost emotions. Taking inspiration from a series of photographs his friend Yuko Nonomura took of landscapes and cloudy skies, Russell crafted these sonic sketches as his own way of contextualising what he saw. The legendary Garrett List and Jon Gibson both feature on this one, so bonus points for any deep American avant-jazz fans!

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  1. 1 Instrumentals (1975) Volume 1 2:00 Arthur Russell
  2. 2 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1   Arthur Russell
  3. 3 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 0:32 Arthur Russell
  4. 4 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1   Arthur Russell
  5. 5 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 1:18 Arthur Russell
  6. 6 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1   Arthur Russell
  7. 7 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1   Arthur Russell
  8. 8 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 0:28 Arthur Russell
  9. 9 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1   Arthur Russell
  10. 10 Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 0:12 Arthur Russell
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