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Ghostly International
Cat. No.
Release Date
March 2017
2 (of 8) Tracks
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Instant download of the following tracks with all pre-orders:

  • 'Actually Smiling'
  • 'Nav'

Full release delivered on release date: 31.03.17

Baths' Will Wiesenfeld follows up his 2013 Anticon output with Abysma, his debut long player under his Geotic guise for Ghostly International.

Declaring his love for the polyrhythmic tech-tronic, Abysma moves far away from his previous hip-hop influenced work to a more ambient sound. Tracing out a journey of carefully constructed tech-house, Geotic carefully funnels in vast waves of positive emotion and bright neon-heavy sparks that give the record an illuminating feel throughout.

From the chill out bounce of 'Laura Corporeal' through to the glitchy 2-step gallop of 'Nav' and the almost EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE style heights of 'Billionth Remnant' Geotic has perfectly nailed this middle ground between dancefloor techno and the early hours DJs electronic experiments perfectly.

Abysma is sure to see Geotic become a (deep)household name with the record collections of those with a lust for Gold Panda, Andy Stott's recent move to sunnier sides and Rephlex electronica group The Gentle People. As an album it entices as much as it thrills, from start to finish the sugary laid back beat continuously unfolds creating small, brightly coloured patterns and puzzles that are sure to absorb you whole with their chewy propulsion.

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  1. 1 Sunspell 4:53 Geotic
  2. 2 Actually Smiling 4:54 Geotic Buy…
  3. 3 Nav 5:29 Geotic Buy…
  4. 4 Billionth Remnant 4:56 Geotic
  5. 5 Laura Corporeal 5:03 Geotic
  6. 6 Vaulted Ceiling, Painted Sky 4:36 Geotic
  7. 7 Perish Song 7:09 Geotic
  8. 8 Valiance 5:22 Geotic


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