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Songs From The Trilogy
Philip Glass
Songs From The Trilogy
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March 2017
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As one of the most important composers of our times, it goes without saying that the back catalogue of American musician Philip Glass is astonishingly vast. From his groundbreaking early minimalist work through to his collaboration with Brazilian percussion group Uakti, Glass has always fascinated his listenership and live audience with trance-inducing sonic hypnosis. Back on vinyl for the first time in almost thirty years, his collection of operatic works entitled Songs from the Trilogy comes recommended for fans of Paul Dresher, vocal ECM releases and Elodie Lauten’s The Death of Don Juan.

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  1. 1 Protest 0:46 Philip Glass
  2. 2 Evening Song 1:24 Philip Glass
  3. 3 Hymn To The Sun 2:00 Philip Glass
  4. 4 Trial/Prison 2:00 Philip Glass
  5. 5 Akhnaten & Nefertiti 1:21 Philip Glass
  6. 6 Kuru Field Of Justice 2:00 Philip Glass
  7. 7 Knee 1 2:00 Philip Glass
  8. 8 Tolstoy Farm 2:00 Philip Glass
  9. 9 Window Of Appearances 2:00 Philip Glass
  10. 10 Bed 2:00 Philip Glass
  11. 11 Epilogue 2:00 Philip Glass
  12. 12 Knee 5 2:00 Philip Glass

Philip Glass

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