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Teengirl Fantasy
Planet Mu
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March 2017
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The first Teengirl Fantasy full-length in a half-decade (the last one being 2012’s Tracer) actually reaches further back into their catalogue. The title is a direct reference to their 2010 release 7AM and intends to replicate “that headspace when you’ve seen the sun come up, but sleep is still way off” in sound. Indeed, the woozy fug of the post-rave feeling flecks everything here, colouring 8AM with a pleasing rose-tint. Lead single ‘Star Rise’ has shades of both Lone and Actress to it in the way it repurposes club sounds to create something that sounds more like the memory of the rave than the rave itself; ‘Crash Soft’ and ‘All of the Time’ are classic Teengirl Fantasy fare, all warm drum tracks and swollen synths; and ‘Seeds’ manages to bottle that end-of-the-night, hands-in-the-air, all-is-full-of-love feeling thanks to a star turn from Khalif Jones (aka Le1f).

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Glare 1:12 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  2. 2 Crash Soft 3:41 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  3. 3 Telepaths 4:08 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  4. 4 We Out 1:59 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  5. 5 It was already light out 3:00 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  6. 6 Where I Went 1:25 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  7. 7 All of the Time 4:53 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  8. 8 Star-rise 4:05 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  9. 9 Don't 3:06 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  10. 10 Seeds 4:39 Teengirl Fantasy featuring Khalif Jones Buy
  11. 11 En Route 3:47 Teengirl Fantasy Buy
  12. 12 Wet Eyes and Exhilaration 5:17 Teengirl Fantasy Buy

Teengirl Fantasy

Planet Mu

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