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Death Waltz unveil their lavishly packaged and strongly hungered after vinyl edition for the rightfully so soon to be omnipresent soundtrack to David Lynch's 1992 cult-classic Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. Arriving just in time for the opinion splitting film's 25th anniversary. Produced by Twin Peaks' own in-house artist Angelo Badalamenti, Fire Walk with Me is a truly spectacular and vividly hauntological soundtrack that has had diggers of records and graves dreaming of the day that someone gives it the proper reissue treatment that it so truly deserves.

Over its fifty-one minutes playtime, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me continues the endless dance forever played out through the Black Lodge with a signature Lynchian otherworldliness, that is at once deliciously yet unmistakably eerie. Due to critics rating Fire Walk with Me in a not so favourable light (say what you will, it sends shivers down our spine) revisiting this soundtrack twenty-five years since its original release, and out of the context of the film gives the music a new lease of life. We'd go as far as saying it's almost like traversing back through time and taking your very first steps into Deer Meadow, notebook in hand and a grizzly murder ahead, all wrapped up within a surreal world where not everything is as it seems.

Keeping its blue velvet jacket on, collar up, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me soundtrack blends Badalamenti's varied instrumentation to create a seductive selection of Blue Note heavy crepuscular ambience. Brilliantly fusing elements of haunted melancholy through stringed passages, submerged piano keys and a brooding undercurrent of late-night jazz noir that once you let it wrap itself around you, creates a thick fog that it's hard to escape from. Almost as if the sounds hang in the air for hours after the needle has run off the last groove.

A criminally overlooked, yet deadly vital soundtrack that after 25 years is finally due to take its place alongside the original series as one of the most visionary soundtracks to ever emerge from the esoteric underground.

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  1. 1 Theme From Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  2. 2 The Pine Float 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  3. 3 Sycamore Trees 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  4. 4 Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do) 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  5. 5 A Real Indication 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  6. 6 Questions In A World Of Blue 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  7. 7 The Pink Room 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  8. 8 The Black Dog Runs At Night 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  9. 9 Best Friends 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  10. 10 Moving Through Time 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  11. 11 Montage From Twin Peaks - Girl Talk/Birds In Hell/Laura Palmer's Theme/Falling 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti
  12. 12 The Voice Of Love 1:00 Angelo Badalamenti

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